Monday, April 9, 2012

Joyfulness and Satisfaction

So as of lately I have felt an overwhelming sense of joy and satisfaction with my life.  Was it turning 40? Or was it just the fact that somethings are being revealed to me on a more regular basis that I'm open to accepting?  I have for sure decided to be more easy going, accepting differences in others and also not putting myself in situations just to make others happy or not to rock the boat!  I'm tired of living on egg shells.  So maybe it was turning forty that has given me this new sense of self but I love it!!!
  I have an amazing husband who takes great care of me and our family.  We love to be together and we love to have fun with our kids.  It amazes me how many parents, moms and dads who really don't interact with their kids, for example lets say at the beach.  They take them out and then they are expected to entertain themselves for hours on end without a parent even going into the water with them.  I can't imagine it!  Seriously, I don't lovvvveeee the ocean water but I do have to pee sometimes therefore  I have to go into the water.  Why not take the time to actually get in and splash around in the waves for a bit with the kids?  They love it and they think you are amazing!  It really doesn't take more than that.  Kids will then be very happy and play along the beach knowing their parents played with them.  And if you do let the kiddos go out a little further they know you will come out on occasion to play and then go back to doing whatever they were doing before.  I've been at the beach with families that don't play in the water with their kids and the kids will literally attack any adult that comes out.  REALLY?  Kids need attention and they crave it from their own parents but will take it from whomever they can get it from.  Very sad not to mention ANNOYING!!! I want to play with my own kid not yours.  Just because you brought them out doesn't make you a great parent you have to teach them how to play. You can't do that laying on the beach tending to your tan. Urghhhh! 
  Anyway I look forwards to spending more time with my amazing kids on the beach this summer and knowing I'm blessed beyond and so are my kids!  We may not have tons of money to buy entertainment but we do give them lots of attention, teach them how to swim and how to behave. Some of the best gifts in life.

  On another note I have finally lost the Christmas weight I put on in December!  It only took 3 months!  I won't be taking a two week break again anytime soon.  I'm trying to implement more real foods into my diet and it seems that you really do have to eat a ton more food if your going to eat real foods that are low in fat and carbs.  I'm loving it though. 
Have a blessed day.