Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Birthday dinner disaster

As I mentioned earlier today it's my hubby's birthday.  So being that he never wants anything gift wise for his special day but he always wants me to cook for him, I found some yummy low-carb recipes to cook for dinner.   I really wish he would like me to bake for him cause there is more likely a chance of success.  I wish I had two yummy low-carb recipes to share but they were HORRIBLE!  So bad that I won't even mention where the recipes came from however I found them on my new love, Pinterest.  Hubby actually enjoyed the chicken (thank you God for giving me the good sense to not cover the chicken in the sauce).  He doesn't love chicken in the first place so it's a hit or miss.  The sauce would probably have caused marital problems. Hahaha! And the side dish was way too much effort with no reward. So that's that!  It brought me to tears after all said and done.  I hate cooking and feeling like a failure!  Cooking low-carb and making it interesting, tasty and comforting is a very hard challenge! I can't take too many failures!

Tomorrow's blog will be a success I had with sugar-free chocolate and macadamia nuts.  YUMMO!  It's just been too long of a day to post all of that too.  But I look forwards to sharing it.


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