Saturday, January 21, 2012

Unexpected friendship

So I finished out the week with two great classes at the gym along with spending the afternoon with JM(my stepson Joe's mom).  I haven't been to her house in awhile and it was nice just to spend time talking about girl stuff and playing with her baby.  He's one of the cutest baby's ever! And so happy all the time.  Anyway she and I have been trying to encourage each other at the gym.  Since I worked so hard to lose all my weight in the first place I don't want to ever go back.  But this leads me to having to always think about my lifestyle choices.  She on the other hand is very petite and having had a baby a year ago is trying to lose that baby weight.  She's decided to join a competition at the gym and I decided to opt out.  I lost it all on my own and I just can't justify spending a hundred dollars to lose 10lbs. Oh and I am still trying to be frugal.  Hahahaha. But what I will be doing is using all her new knowledge and excitement to help motivate me even more. 

Sometimes spending that much time with her feels odd.  We were enemies just over a year ago.  I put up the white flag last Christmas but she wasn't ready.  I totally understand.  This friendship is odd but is comfortable when I don't worry about who I am or who she is.  Just be me and accept her too.  God is on my side and I know that I have only the best of intentions in seeking a friendship with her.  I like her company.  It's unique.  I feel blessed to have a heart that is willing to be open to trying something considered radical in this drama filled world.  We are both trying and I give her credit as well. 

I hope in sharing my journey I will provoke a feeling of good in you.  I know we all have tough relationships that we can't just disappear from.  Some might be closer to home and others only on a small scale but if they cause emotions to stir in you then they are worth the efforts to find out why.  I pray that you will be open to what God might have for you in some tough relationships.


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  1. I think that everything has a time & place! You both are amazing to let the past go and live in the present. It's a Good Thing.