Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Super Yummy!

Good afternoon.  So I'm posting about my yummy success today.  I'm so excited that it was super easy and yummy.  As I've shared low-carb is the way of eating at our home.  We do eat things not considered low-carb when we aren't trying to lose.  But the foundation of our way of eating is low-carb.  Right now with my goals and my hubby on board, I'm committed to finding new things to eat.  So I made chocolate covered macadamia nuts.  So rich you only need a couple to get the chocolate fix.  Which keeps the cal. and carbs low.  I guess you could eat a whole serving or bag but I would be sick or worse cramped up in the bathroom.  (Anyone who has lost control while enjoying sugar-free chocolates know what I'm referring to.)  I think these little nuggets of goodness are perfect though.

So many little nuggets.

This is what I started with.

This is one serving of macadamia nuts, 1/4 C or about 13 nuts.
This is 2 servings of sugar-free chocolate.
I melted the chocolate in a double boiler over very low heat.  This does require some patience.
 I started with just one bag of chocolate.                                                                                                        Each bag contains 2servings each being 5 chocolate bars.
This is what I was left with.

  I did the calculations and figure that with amout of chocolate left over if you were to eat an entire serving you still would be getting less than what I figured.  I don't know how much is in that pot but it leaves the full serving short.  Hey I will take any breaks I can get!  So here's the calculations that I came up with for a 1/4 C. serving:
288- Cal.
2- Carbs (This is countable carbs, not fiber or sugar alcohols)
2- Proteins
28- Fats  (WOW! that's a lot of fat)
I got approximatly 5servings from the bag of chocolate.

My suggestion is to do your own calculations based on the amount of nuts you can actually cover with the serving of chocolate you use.  Best of luck and I highly suggest these!


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  2. Yummy Yummy...Thanks for the Post!