Monday, January 23, 2012

Marvelous Monday- Sorta

My hubby is back home where he belongs!  The kids and I drove up to the airport yesterday to pick him up after an unplanned visit to his parents.  His father went into the hospital for a possible stroke, he felt an obligation and his heart strings pulling him to make a visit.  I'm glad he went and I'm even happier he's back.  Yeah back to normal.  Last week was an intersting journey for me with lots of mixed emotions.  I want to share but I'm still processing how to share without sounding totally unreasonable and bitchy. Hahaha, it might not be possible but until I'm ready to share what I learned through this process I will hold on to it.  That's why I didn't mention it last week.  By the way I want to mention I am married to the most amazing man!  He's more of a man than I can handle sometimes.  I am blessed.

Now on to more important things!!!Like my relationship with the scale!  It's not even hate any more.  I think it's more like a totally disgust, physical repulsion and a total feeling of wanting to attack it like it's a walker from the Walking Dead! (Love that show and can't wait for Feb. 12)  I just want to smash it's head in with some kind of blunt tool!  The reality is I weighed 143.2!  Yes another pound up!!! I worked my ass off last week with my hubby gone.  I went to the gym twice on Wed and I'm in full fledged ketosis!  My ketone stick has been dark red to even purple.  For those of you who don't know about the pee sticks, they tell you if your body is using its own fat for energy.  Ketones are put off when fat is used for energy meaning I'm burn fat for fuel! (This is a very juvenile description but straight to the point.) I love those little sticks!  So I'm going to stay where I'm at and I've decided to continue to stick with the strict diet and up my cardio and lower my weight training for now.

I did take my measurements, another rude awakening!  But I know on low carb sometimes the scale refuses to move but the measurements don't.  So even though I should have done this in the beginning, it again gives me another form of measurement to keep me going.  I'm not going to share those numbers but I will tell you about my changes.
Loved this and wish I could give credit to who posted it.

And I won't be giving up!  I don't know where my balance is yet but I will find it.  I want to adjust to the middle ground.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.  I'm going to be posting about some sorta yummy low-carb breakfast danishes. LOL!


  1. I can feel ya! I as well have been fighting the fight with the Scale & Inches.. I have been working out a lot! High Cardio, Yoga, Kickboxing, Step, Weights & Spinning etc....ALmost everything that my Gym Offers. I am screaming... PLATEAU! For 3 1/2 weeks..I even gained weight last week. I woke up this AM to a LOSS! I have learned that our bodies have Set Points (Previous weight at some point in our life) And that sometimes it just takes time to release that #...I have yet to try Zumba at the gym. I think of you. I am going to try it soon.

    1. I love Zumba! It's my first love. But you do sound a lot like me with all you've been doing. We just have to remember it doesn't just fall off. And any thing worth working for is worth waiting for. Try Zumba!!! I tried spin class for the first time. It was really great!